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          Tropical Flakes Quilt Patterns300x600tropicalad

          012hawaiiandoneNative leaves, flowers and other natural beauty inspire Hawaiian snowflake designs will help you envision the perfect quilt or wall hanging design. You can see leaves of the Breadfruit, Papaya, Ti and Palm trees, blossoms of official state and island flowers, lilies, Plumeria, Orchids, and plant leaves such as Monstera (Split-Leaf philodendron) and Ferns in Hawaiian designs.


          Ancient artists used images of animals such as the dolphin and sea turtle, or renderings of ancient rock carvings which are called petroglyphs. Hawaiian Snow flakes art web site provides fairly accurate, black and white, artist renditions or illustrations of historic Hawaiian art designs as well as whimsical of my own creation to print and color. Parents and teachers may use these images for creating lesson plans and other educational purposes.


          Tiki Images to Color

          The historic examples of traditional Hawaiian quilt making in this web site are based upon common public domain images and items currently on display in public museums and in historical reference material. These images are artist renditions however, and are definitely not identical copies, scientifically, historically accurate or drawn to scale representations.004hawaiian

          Polynesian Snow Flake Patterns

          Above all, have fun. Create your own unique Polynesian style patterns and start a new, rich tradition in your own family line. This would be a great project for family reunions and holiday get-togethers. Interview various members of the family and create unique and individual designs just for them. When your masterpiece is complete it will be a treasured family heirloom. These pages contain printable snow flake patterns to help you get started making your own paper.


          The crafts and printouts in this creative web site are perfectly designed for those of us of the state of mind to choose to live in the slow lane, at least for a little while. Children should learn how to manipulate computer technology but on the other hand it is nice to just sit with a child and show them how to e003tikipole1200nvision the perfect snowflake pattern and show them they can actually produce and treasure something tangible. When you teach children how to make and create their own entertainment and they will never be bored over their entire lifespan, plus they will have learned skills, abilities and confidence in their own capabilities to think for themselves and invent which translates into survival skills for such future challenges as employment opportunities and team building.

          Some images in this site are based upon existing, historical petroglyph sand drawings and other art works currently on display in national public parks, museums and in 'out of print' reference material, dating back at least 100 years.

          Purpose of this site is to provide a brief introduction to Hawaiian Quilt art craft activities for children (young and old) in the hopes of piquing interest for further investigation into the fascinating history of quilting in Hawaii.